Daniella Binyamin presenta «Out Of Fuel»

Daniella Binyamin – a singer/songwriter with roots in both the countryside of Sweden and the vivid cities of the Middle East, growing up with two worlds. Sometimes feeling half, sometimes double. Writing songs and stories have always been her way of her to try to understand herself and the world outside of her. A way to calibrate the chaos in her mind and heart. Her music by Ella is both powerful and fragile, with a focus on her delicate and present voice and ways of storytelling. Her debut single from Ella Grand Hotel was released on the 18th of March and got some really good response from the press and audience. The blogs were stunned by her intimate voice, the cinematic sounds and her ways of blending uplifting and melancholic expressions. It was premiered by C-heads Magazine and gathered attention from both Spotify, Swedish and German radio. The past couple of years, Daniella’s been working as a back-up singer and songwriter for other artists, such as Lukas Graham, Zara Larsson and Robin Schulz. She had songs in top 3 on German and UK radio and been writing the most played songs two years in a row on the radio in the Nordics. But she’s always known she wanted to release music of her own from her too someday.

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